Musing Mondays #1

8:56 AM
Musing Mondays is a weekly feature hosted by ShouldBeReading. Each week, a question is asked, and bloggers answer it and thus reveal a little about themselves!

This weeks question is:

Do you take notes while you read?

I have just begun taking notes while I read, although they're not the most eloquent. My notes tend to be short and choppy, reflecting the fact that I'm just trying to quickly get a thought down so I can immediately go back to reading. I think I will try and change my note-taking style; perhaps using a notebook instead of a laptop, and taking clearer, more well-written notes whenever I take a break from reading. I keep having thoughts, things I want to talk about or add to a review, and then I don't write them down and I totally forget. 

About the author

I root for young girls neglected by their narrative. I search for diversity in a cast of characters. I do not hesitate to critique something I find offensive or lacking in quality.


  1. My note taking days are few and far between... although I do jot down quotes I rather enjoy and want to remember.

  2. I don't really take notes when I read. My philosophy being "If something interesting, it will surely be remembered." But of course this doesn't always work. My missed homework being a testament to that. I guess for me, if I do take notes, it will take the fun out of reading because it will feel like schoolwork. But that's just me, of course. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I never take notes down, I just think about the main points while I'm reading and after I've finished the book, then refer back to it if I need to while writing the review. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I am a habitual note taker.. it supports my habit *snickering*

    Here is my Musing Monday GREAT question this week

  5. I write down short keywords or phrases as I write. I have a tendency to forget as well if I don't! Here's mine!

  6. Lovely looking notes? You have not seen my handwriting! Lol